Town of Oakville BudgetThe Town of Oakville has just released the 2012 capital budget report, which outlines how the town plans to spend Oakville’s finances. Included in the report are many different breakdowns such as where funding comes from to finance various departments, how much and what percentage of funding will be going towards things like transportation services and park maintenance, and the ratio of growth and non-growth capital needs.

The total recommended capital budget for 2012 includes expenditures of $59.9 million dollars. This may sound like a huge number, but in fact this number has been reduced by $13.2 million from the initial 2012 forecast from last year. The infrastructure planning and improvements program has the largest portion of the budget, totaling $24.7 million or 41.4% of the total. The next largest if for parks and open spaces, which accounts for $10.3 million or 17.3% of the total budget.

To read a total breakdown of the budget by program, including many charts and graphs outlining expenditures and financing, click here.

To read the executive summary of this report, click here.