Fellow member of Bronte Creek Community Group Liz has brought an important matter to the attention of Bronte Creek residents.

Posted on the discussion board on Monday June 25th, she said,

“Hi all, there was a series of car break ins on Saturday, June 23rd on Rochester Circle and Ingleton Lane. They only went in if the car was unlocked. Quick ins and outs. Saw suspicious truck, black with 2 German flags on it and a family of 7 or so stickers on the back. Around 11pm they were seen driving around the block stopping and going. Almost like they were checking things out. another small car was circling along with them. Both my husband and i and a couple of friends thought the behaviour was strange. Anyways just be forewarned and keep personal items out of the car and windows and doors locked and closed. Ill be keeping my eyes out!”

A big thanks goes out to Liz for the heads up. It’s thoughtful people like her that make the neighbourhood of Bronte Creek a great place to live! Let’s all keep an eye out for suspicious activity and help each other keep our neighbourhood safe for everyone.