Real Estate Statistics Bronte Creek November 2012

Below is a summary of the real estate activity in Bronte Creek Oakville for the month of June 2013.

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Real estate is selling at a steady rate the past couple of months, with 17 homes sold in the Bronte Creek neighbourhood in June, compared to 18 in May.

There were 6 detached homes (7 in May) and 11 townhomes (7 in May) sold in Bronte Creek in the month of June. The average list price for detached homes sold this month was $786,417 (789,180 in May) with the average townhome list price at $708,269. This is a large increase from an average of $602,172 in May.

There are still a number of homes being leased in Bronte Creek. There were 5 leases in the neighbourhood this month (7 in April), and there are still many beautiful Bronte Creek homes for lease available.

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